Chinese Money Tree
Maneki Neko
Chinese Money Tree

Chinese Money Trees are popular for use in feng shui to bring prosperity and wealth.  There are a few different kinds of Chinese money trees.  The first is a real live plant called the money tree, and the others are made of Chinese coins or gem stones.

Chinese Coin Money Tree
You may have walked into a Chinese restaurant before and noticed a tree made of ancient Chinese coins next to their cash register.  This is a popular money tree to bring a business or home good luck, positive energy, and prosperity.  They also make good decorations.

Live Money Tree
There is actually a real plant called the money tree.  The pachira plant is the original plant used by the Chinese as the money tree because they believed the shape of the leaves represented the Chinese five elements which symbolizes harmony between the humans and the environment.

Gemstone Money Trees
Money trees can also be made from gemstones.  Jade is a popular stone because it represents good luck, but other gemstones can be used for their feng shui properties.  As a symbol of wealth, they are also a excellent decorative item to have.

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